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Titus 1 Interlinear

Titus 1 screen shot

Interlinear Text Download: Titus 1

Lately I’ve been working on interlinear texts from the Bible, as well as learning Hebrew and Greek (yeesh, what was I thinking?), with Titus chapter 1 being my most recent example.

I’m prone to working more with Hebrew, and in fact I’m more comfortable there.  Yet I felt the tug to work on something in the New Testament with the theme of leadership.  The book of Titus pulled me right in.

So far I’ve been fortunate to pick it up quickly and work with it, making it palatable as an original text with a transliteration (pronunciation guide) above the Greek and a direct translation below.

I feel the need to understand what good, honest leadership looks like because it seems to me that we’ve been lacking it across the board in every strata of society, and especially within the church.

Chapter 1 of Titus is interesting because the first half focuses on how to appoint leaders who seek what is truly good, not giving it lip service alone.  The second half discusses how to correct and rebuke those who fail to do good.  Both of these things are extremely important as leaders are indeed held to a higher standard because they are to set an example with their lives.

When leaders fail to set a proper example, they fail to lead.

Please enjoy this.  I’m an amateur wading into deep waters, but I’m always happy to receive any comments or suggestions for correction (for those schooled in Greek).


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