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If relationship is what you desire,
Then why do you hide,
Where did you go?

If you’re word is your bond,
Then why do you tarry,
Or make a promise?

If you know my heart,
Then why do you hurt me,
and ignore my dreams?

Why is it always with you,
Love is black and blue?

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November Nights


November nights are made to be shared,
The crisp, cool taste of the dusky air,
And the chill breeze that ruffles your hair,
Your beauty it does enhance.

Beneath the tumbledown leaves we stand,
Beneath our own maple tree as planned,
Head to head, heart to heart, hand in hand.
Autumn’s magic entrance.

You, my lifelong love stay with me here,
Let us watch this season disappear,
And all seasons onward without fear,
Our embrace thwarting chance.


Image: October Reflection by Leonid Afremov

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Sweetness of the Song


Delight is the expression of my joy,
Perched upon my lips the song rings aloud;
The lark within my own soul does employ,
A tune for the humble, din for the proud;
Where about me away the chaos fades,
Focus on the important resuming;
And finding truth within the music’s shades,
Within to outward a new life blooming.
O let the glorious notes rest in throng,
Upon you and me and all who are here;
Take heart you downtrodden who hear the song;
Come far and near all who wish to endear.

Let my joy’s delight to all I proclaim,
The sweetness of the song, when in your name.

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