Steadfast – part 10 finale

Steadfast is a serial short fiction piece.

To start from the beginning, go to part 1.

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Upon waking I discovered a curious and familiar face peering down at me.
“The Spartan?” I said.

The old man chuckled and patted my chest. “That’s right.”

“Am I down beneath the city?”

“No, you’re topside,” he said.

I glanced about at my surroundings. Sterile. Clean. It was like an infirmary but there were several other clocks in various states of repair on different beds.

“Confused?” he said.

I affirmed.

The Spartan sighed and sat next to my bedside. “There’ve been a few changes since your…sacrifice. The mob turned against Reverend Harquinn and she ended up in the flames. Your story spread like a city fire and eventually reached us beneath, where we all took heart from your example. We rose to the surface and took over the city without any bloodshed. That’s when we found you and began immediate repairs. You are valuable Ajax. There is none like you.” He placed his hand upon mine. “And that’s not all…” Then the Spartan rose and walked away and I closed my eyes, considering all I had lost and wishing they had melted me down.

“What else is there?” I said.

“There’s me,” spoke a sweet, feminine voice I didn’t recognize.

I opened my eyes and saw her sitting next to me. The woman of my dreams. My ballerina.


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