Just Be: The Art Of Stillness


He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” ~Psalm 46:10

How often do we take the time to “be still”–physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually?  This idea today is as foreign to the average man or woman as would be the idea of living on Mars.

We live in a culture with the just do it mentality.  Keep busy.  Perform well.  Look good.  Make sales.  Be professional.  Attain success.  And ultimately when we become overwhelmed by all of these things, to where do we escape?  Television.  Video games.  Shopping.  Disconnecting in our relationships.  Yet there never seems to be enough time in the day to take one minute and just be: just breathe and remain still.

Caity and I have been learning (over this last summer) how to exercise the art of stillness and the act of resting.  In other words, we’ve been learning how to just be.  Just be silent.  Just be calm.  Just be alive.  We fill these moments with prayer and connection with each other and with God.  We learn how to be in each others’ presence without needing to fill the silence with words.  It’s a form of meditation where instead of trying to disconnect from ourselves, we instead submit our individuality before the feet of the Creator in silence.

I knew that taking time to be still would help to relieve stress and usher in calm, but I was unprepared for what would happen next: hearing God’s voice.  It seemed like all of a sudden I would hear a clear message in my head, or gather something profound from a passage of scripture I’d read several times before, or hear a message on the radio or snippet of passing conversation that would change everything and lend a fresh perspective.  Every time I turned around, God was saying something new to reassure me of His presence and that He was gathering Caity and I under His will; enacting a divine plan.

And before I knew it, I had stopped the wild flailing and ceased fighting against the current, trying to just do it on my own.  I am learning how to just be still, listen to His voice, and be ready to participate when the divine opportunity arises.  I am no longer on my own.  I am in a partnership with the Creator of the universe.

What do you think would happen if you took 15 minutes out from your day to simply be still and sit in silence with no obstacles between you and God?  I encourage you to give it a try…and see what happens.


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2 thoughts on “Just Be: The Art Of Stillness

  1. Julie Holve

    WOW!!!! Love this entire message Doug, the to be’s of silent, to be calm, to be alive!!! My husband read this too, and your words echo and have joined with our’s and our hearts too!! To be STILL, and await and listen for His word and direction moment by moment…
    We are both humbled, amazed and challenged by your words, and have a new business partner too!!!

    • Thank you Julie. I love your enthusiasm and appreciate how you and Andy are so intertwined and on-the-level with each other. It’s a kick in the pants to know and see how God blesses us with such a simple message. I’m so glad to bless the both of you with this post.

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