Sweet Surrender: Learning How To Rest

“He that can take rest is greater than he that can take cities.” ~Benjamin Franklin

Last Wednesday marked a significant shift in the life of my family as it was my wife’s last day of work at her store.  We’ve been looking forward to this for the last month and a half since we learned that her store was going to close and it had become clear from many angles that God was wanting her to finish out at the closing store instead of jumping ship and going elsewhere.  It was also clear that we were meant to surrender all to Him in this process: our future, our finances, our security, our worries and our woes.  We have done all of this and yet gained a greater sense of freedom for it.  It’s unexplainable and mysterious; I feel relieved and confident simultaneously.

So then it was no wonder when we both witnessed some significant encouragement this weekend, spoken to us in a way that was personal and deep.

Caity and I have been reading through the book of Mark, one chapter each morning, and it’s amazing how the message refreshes us every day.  Well, Thursday and Friday ended upon the crucifixion and the resurrection, respectively.  This was significant because we realized that we’ve been experiencing Caity’s job loss like a long and drawn out death; and for these two chapters to reach us right after her last day spoke volumes and the message was clear: “it is finished and the resurrection is coming.”   We both tapped into it and were amazed at what God was saying.  As if that weren’t enough, I discovered that this last Friday night/Saturday day was Yom Kippur–the holiest day on the Hebrew calendar.  Now we don’t practice Judaism, but I do recognized the significance of this day as a day of Atonement and Restoration; and that too showed us God’s holy timing for our personal circumstances.

What could have ended up a stress filled weekend turned out to be full of joy and rest.  We’ve been a seven day work week family for just over seven years, and being able to celebrate the change was greater than any fear or stress that we intentionally surrendered to Jesus anyway.  We ventured out as a little family to IKEA; we had a family movie night thanks to RedBox; we had a fun Sunday bumming around Woodinville and we went to church that night and were renewed in our spirits by the message (which centered upon the divine importance of relationships…particularly marriage) and the worship overflowed our cups.  Then even Sunday night came the rain and thunder–for which Caity and I gave thanksgiving to God (and anyone who knows us will understand how we love the rain, and the thunder has answered us many times this summer while we’ve been in prayer).

We’ve surrendered and we are learning how to rest.  It’s not easy as rest needs to be intentional, but it’s amazing to be able to do so without worry and without the need to plan for everything.  Practicing rest is about being in the present, enjoying our present blessings, and letting go of tomorrow for it can worry about itself.  I recognize the health benefits for myself and my family when we find time to rest together.

How do you find time to rest?  What does the act of resting mean to you?


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4 thoughts on “Sweet Surrender: Learning How To Rest

  1. Monica

    Wow, nice job son. I love you. Mom

  2. Debbi Hawney

    The Lord is amazing…we are in Hawaii right now for some intentional rest time after years of much unexpected responsibilities. As we are getting ready to leave in the morning the Lord put on my heart that I do not need to run to Hawaii for an “intentional” time of rest….and then I opened my computer and found your blog! Thank you for sharing your story and thoughts….it’s been a confirmation to what God already told me this morning! God bless you both on your new adventures with Him! Debbi Hawney – Soul Sisters

  3. I loved reading this Debbi! I’m always astounded when I see God speaking to us in similar ways about the same things, but to know how He is using my words to touch you and others is humbling. Enjoy Hawaii!!

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