When I Came To The Fork

When I came to the fork,
In the path,
On the trail,
In the forest;
I paused and considered each way.

To the right:
The sun beat its golden beams
Through the netting of green boughs
And sprinkled fairy light upon the ferns,
Swathing the jade way.

I pleased my eyes.

To the left:
My namesake firs,
With finger-wrinkled bark,
Robed in velvet moss,
Swayed and groaned,
Luring me their way.

It pleased my ears.

You called my name,
I could not see you
Through the wall of timber.
You pined long for me
Back and faraway.

It pleased my heart.

Lost yet not alone
I return for you;
Together, we choose
A new forward.

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